“Your customers will always be more persuasive than you.”
                                                                                                                                 Gregory Ciotti


Roupa’s Hypnotherapy procedure has positively changed my life forever. 
Initially when I embarked on this path of self help and self discovery, I had some negative pre-conceptions on hypnotherapy.I was sceptical to say the least. However I had exhausted every other option and felt I had to at least give it a try. 
The initial consultation was quite an eye opener. I found Roupa to be understanding, non-judgemental and extremely patient. By my second session, I found a profound change within. A quiet sense of self assurance and confidence. I also began to understand myself and my emotions. 
Roupa is an exceptional therapist – caring ,empathetic and really professional. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I have since referred her service to a couple of friends who have also had positive experiences.
Thank you so much….


I have had a few sessions with Roupa and found her to be warm and very easy to talk to.  My initial aim was to gain confidence at work, however Roupa allowed me to look deeper into my childhood experiences and address the reasons behind my lack in confidence.  She has a very soothing voice that makes it so easy to go into a trance and I always feel totally relaxed and calm afterwards.  I am already having more self belief in my abilities and imagine that this will get even better once I complete the full hypnosis course.
If you are looking for a way to tap into your inner strengths and be your best you – Roupa is a very good place to start.

Working with Roupa has been a beautiful experience. She genuinely cares, does not judge and, believes in you – and she knows you can do the same! I felt instantly comfortable in her presence, she is a very open, kind and warm soul.

Roupa is thorough and tailors sessions to suit you, to ensure that you get to your goals (or just get back to yourself). I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone –  she is so receptive and accessible as she’s clearly very passionate about people achieving and feeling their worth. It was a joy to meet her.

I would not hesitate to work with you again, I think you have so much to offer and are such an inspirational soul. Thank you. 



I thought my life was fine; it was busy, hectic and stressful, as you would expect any working mother-of-two young children’s life to be. Although I have a great family life, I hated my job but as it paid for some of the bills, I felt I couldn’t really complain about my life.

I had read that hypnotherapy could help with my anxieties, (which had been increasing lately) as well as help me stick to a healthy eating plan and regular exercise regime and so I did a Google search for ‘therapies’, narrowed down my search to ‘recognised professionals’ and found Roupa and read her amazing testimonials and credentials. “Why not give it a try?” I thought to myself

Looking back, three sessions and few weeks later, I am so glad I made that decision. Yes, I am eating better and leading a more active life, but the treatment has gone far beyond that. I feel relaxed and my anxiety, which I used to consider a price to pay for a busy daily life, has disappeared completely, only to be replaced by a new feeling of self-confidence. I am now excited with the present as well as the future and especially for having made changes that were long overdue.

Roupa´s therapy; a combination of tailored counselling and hypnosis, spotted the real issues that affected my self-esteem and triggered my anxiety. It dealt directly with the root cause so effectively, that it has now been a month since my last session and I still feel wonderful. It is an amazingly new feeling; no longer struggling to find courage but simply feeling confident in my abilities. Thank you Roupa for bringing back my happy self! 



I have had a couple of sessions with Roupa so as to encourage me to eat smaller portions of food to help with weight loss. Roupa makes you feel totally relaxed and encouraged in your goal. I am slowly losing weight and getting more active. I feel the best I have felt for a long time and have had the will-power return which I lost many years ago! I cannot recommend Roupa more highly.  I am seeing the results I wanted and I cannot be happier.



This has been the most positive experience I have ever had in my life and it is all thanks to the beautiful soul and calming voice of Roupa. I am a 52-year-old woman who has just gone through life accepting what life threw at me. I have been in abusive relationships and although I knew it was wrong, I felt grateful that someone wanted me; my confidence was down to zero.  I was in a job that I loved but because I did not want to go out for drinks with other staff members and management I just did not fit in. I had to reapply for my job, which I loved but they did not give it to me even though I had been doing the job for over a year. When I went for the interview I just froze and they may have been talking in another language, as I could not understand anything they were saying because I was so nervous and did not feel it in myself that I was worth anything. When I left, I was broken by the way I was treated. I did not even think I had the confidence to tie my own shoelaces. I was feeling myself getting lower and lower, bills to pay, children to support, no work and I did not have confidence to attend any interviews. I was successful in applying for a role and now I had to attend the interview, my nerves had started again.  I had always thought about hypnotherapy because of my confidence but I never got round to it, but now I was in a position I had to do something.

My first meeting with Roupa was like meeting my soul mate; she just made me feel welcome and did not judge. She said the right things at the right time; I have never met anyone so calming. I had two sessions with Roupa and every time I came out I felt calm and confident. On the day of the interview I could not believe that I had no nerves at all and this was an interview which was going to last all day! I felt relaxed and confident, I had the approach of “do I want to work for them?” not “am I good enough for them?” I came out feeling confident and happy… And although I did not come first, I came second for the job and was told that I just had to wait to start. Whilst waiting, I thought I would apply for another job (unlike me I would have waited until they called me so that I would not have to attempt another interview).I went for another interview and went to see Roupa a few days before and this time I got the job!! I could write more about how I feel about Roupa and how she has changed my life (she will not like me saying it and will tell me I have changed my own life) but if I had not met Roupa I really do not know where I would be today.   Thank you Roupa x



“Going to Roupa’s relaxing sessions has not only reduced my stress to a healthier level, but has made me gain a new confidence in myself. The three sessions I have had, helped me so much with my school life and with my self-belief.  After just my first session, I felt relaxed and light, compared to what I would normally be like in the evenings, i.e. worrying about everything. Roupa helped me to realise that stress doesn’t have to be so heavy all the time and I am grateful for that. Thanks!”



“Over the last 18 months I have been anxious due to work and finance issues which has lead to smoking 20 cigarettes a week. I always used to be so positive and couldn’t see why I have become like this. I have tried meditating, positive thinking, yoga but nothing seemed to help my mind from over working.  My very first session with Roupa I felt completely at ease and comfortable and more so with her kind smile and soothing voice. The whole session was an extremely enjoyable experience, even though we touched on some deep issues that I didn’t even realise were problems. Already in the last week I have only had one cigarette and did not enjoy it one bit. I have surprised myself at how calmly I have handled situations that would only have sent me in a frenzy a week ago. I seem to be analysing situations more with calm logic rather than being emotive and with irrational feelings. If these are the results after one session, I can’t wait to see how this can change my life. I could not recommend Roupa and her services enough.”



“Today, I experienced hypnotherapy for the first time ever with Roupa. I went with an open mind, whilst also expecting to leave without the sense of having achieved much after my first session and slightly mindful that I could remain fully ‘conscious’ throughout. However, when Roupa’s velvety voice spoke, my eyelids became heavy and I soon felt myself surrendering to her. I lost all sense of my body and the world outside of the journey Roupa guided me through… the ebb and flow of her voice helped me gently, yet deftly, work with my anxieties. When Roupa allowed me time to come out of trance, the power of my experience made me feel emotional… but emotional, with a sense of feeling uplifted, lighter. It’s nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I left feeling deeply relaxed, without the shoulders of stress that I normally carry around. Roupa has given me a renewed sense of confidence in myself that, I hope, will enable me in time to fully shed the self-doubt and anxiety that often overwhelm me. For the time being, after just one session, I feel wonderful!”



“The whole experience was wonderful, starting with her welcoming energy and calming treatment room. Admittedly I was a sceptic but as I started to relax and go into trance, I can only describe the feeling as sensational and I felt a change in my attitude after the first session. Thank you once again Roupa. Your professionalism and warmth is unmatched and I look forward to our next appointment.”



“I just wanted to to let you know that I warmly recommend Roupa. She is thoughtful, encouraging and insightful. During my sessions, I had several ‘light bulb’ moments, which helped me see past issues in a new light, helping me to move on. Roupa is a lovely lady, caring and supportive and has set me on the right road to renewed self confidence and improved self-esteem.”



“Roupa is the type of person who is really easy to talk to. I didn’t feel embarrassed at all when we discussed my problems; primarily because of her warm supportive approach. Although sceptical about hypnosis I was amazed at how helpful this was. Roupa is very skilled at this and tailored it specifically for me, which was just great. If I ever feel that I need ‘help’ again I will certainly go back to her. Thank you so much!”


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