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“Today, I experienced hypnotherapy for the first time ever with Roupa. I went with an open mind, whilst also expecting to leave without the sense of having achieved much after my first session and slightly mindful that I could remain fully ‘conscious’ throughout. However, when Roupa’s velvety voice spoke, my eyelids became heavy and I soon felt myself surrendering to her. I lost all sense of my body and the world outside of the journey Roupa guided me through… the ebb and flow of her voice helped me gently, yet deftly, work with my anxieties. When Roupa allowed me time to come out of trance, the power of my experience made me feel emotional… but emotional, with a sense of feeling uplifted, lighter. It’s nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I left feeling deeply relaxed, without the shoulders of stress that I normally carry around. Roupa has given me a renewed sense of confidence in myself that, I hope, will enable me in time to fully shed the self-doubt and anxiety that often overwhelm me. For the time being, after just one session, I feel wonderful!”