“Saying yes to happiness means learning to sometimes say no to people and things that stress you out”


Left unchecked, excessive stress and anxiety can lead to feelings of anger, guilt, shame and depression. Stress and anxiety can also lead to the experience of panic attacks and ultimately can even affect your health and wellbeing, manifest in medical conditions such as high blood pressure, insomnia and headaches.


Using hypnotherapy, I will tailor the treatment to you as an individual, teaching you new ways to cope with what life throws at you – using hypnosis and other techniques that you can use in your every day life to turn your stress response down so that it does not hijack you.

You can learn to transform any anxiety you have, living in fear of the future, into more resourceful ways of thinking and being. You will learn tools to manage your day-to-day life to lessen the impact of stressful situations and the anxiety that they can cause and even to turn those feelings around into a positive tool for achievement.


Hypnotherapy can be hugely beneficial for anxiety and panic attacks because it works with the root cause of the problem. Often many anxiety conditions can be traced back to a single event or series of events in our past that our mind has perceived as threatening (even if in reality they were not). Sometimes we will not be aware of the original causes, but under hypnosis these can be found and worked through so that the brain no longer equates certain situations with fear.



When compared to other treatments hypnotherapy is fast and effective. It offers a drug-free way of resolving the problem for good. It can help you to relax, to learn to let go of unhelpful feelings and to help you manage the challenges of every day life with assurance and calmness.



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