“Most people walk through life in a trance of disempowerment.

Our work is to transform that into a trance of empowerment…”

                                                                                                                                                                             Dr Milton Erickson


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Hypnotherapy is a powerful and versatile therapy aimed at finding a resolution to your problem as safely and quickly as possible. Hypnosis, contrary to popular belief, is a gentle, pleasant and natural state.

Hypnosis is a relaxing and enjoyable experience.  Remember that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and the hypnotist needs your cooperation to help you achieve a successful hypnotic state. I will simply guide you into that state – it is your cooperation that makes hypnosis work.

Do not expect to go to sleep or lose touch with reality.  You are fully aware, and you will know everything that is going on around you.

People who experience hypnosis for the first time often wonder what it is like – will it really work, and how can they be sure that it worked? What does hypnosis feel like? Although the experience is different for every individual, one thing I can say for sure is that hypnosis feels like being very, very relaxed. In fact, some of my clients come to see me especially for the relaxation and stress relief that these sessions always bring.

Other sensations you might experience include some of the following. You might find that you’ll have a feeling of numbness, or a perhaps a tingling feeling in your hands or feet, or arms or legs, and these are perfectly normal and natural responses to hypnosis. Some people, as they relax so deeply, find that they may feel very heavy, as if you are sinking right down into the chair, or perhaps you will feel more light, as if you were about to be floating above the chair on your own little cloud. Either way, these also are normal and natural responses to hypnosis.

You might even feel a bit disconnected from your body. As if you were not connected to your arms or legs perhaps, or at least as if you are not aware of them even though you’re sure that they are fine. While you are so relaxed you might notice that your eyelids will flicker or flutter a little bit, or your eyes might move back and forth as though you’re watching a dream. Again, this is just a natural and normal response.

Sometimes while you are in hypnosis, you may have an extra need to swallow occasionally, and that is perfectly OK. And while you are so relaxed, you may find that you will hear every word that I say, or maybe you will notice the sounds outside, or you may find that actually you almost forget to hear my words and you let your mind wander off to pleasant thoughts and pleasant daydreams, letting your imagination bring you pleasant sights or sounds or experiences. Either way is fine. Whether you hear my words or not, your subconscious mind is listening and will accept everything that is beneficial to you.

While in hypnosis, you may find that you are not sure if you have been relaxing for a very long time or for a few brief moments. It seems that it really does not matter … and again, either way is fine for you.

The important thing is … that if you experience any or all of the things I have mentioned, or maybe even some of your own special sensations of hypnosis … however you experience hypnosis is right for you, and you will find it an enjoyable and welcome experience.

 The subconscious never sleeps. It is responsible for looking after us 24/7 and controls our breathing, our fight or flight response and the millions of instinctive decisions that we make every day. Despite being concerned with protecting and guiding us, it has a tendency to get a bit confused, and this is where hypnotherapy can help. Destructive habits, phobias, and anxiety conditions are all rooted in confused subconscious reasoning and it is very difficult to change these behaviours with conscious thought alone.


At Crystal Palace Hypnosis you will benefit from a tailor-made treatment, one that is specific to your individual needs, taking into account your personality and the presenting condition – the person is treated, not just the problem. This holistic approach will offer a fast and productive way of successfully bringing about the change you are looking for. A COMPLIMENTARY Skype/FaceTime or telephone session is offered because this will allow you to ask any questions you may have regarding hypnotherapy as well as give you the opportunity to find out if hypnotherapy is the right treatment for you.


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